Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gratitude, Day Six

Today (or technically yesterday) I am grateful for...
  1. Artistic friends.
  2. Songs about monkeys.
  3. Twenty-four hour emergency vets. (*)
(*) Advice for pet owners: Don't leave a plastic bottle of prescription chewable canine arthritis medication lying about in a forgotten bag because... you know... maybe your smaller, prettier, healthier (but stupider) dog will secretly eat all of it during Bad Movie Night prompting the veterinarian to say things like "You need to come in RIGHT NOW" when you call to ask about overdose symptoms.


Dan said...

Yikes on #3

1. Friends who tell you things you need to know
2. Incredible advances in sampling technology
3. Surprise requests for logistical advice on quixotic missions

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Baron. What was (were) the Bad Movie(s)? And are we going to hear about the magic rubber chicken(s), or must we speculate wildly?

My gratitudes for today:

1. "Sand in the eyes and the ears and the nose, sand in the hair and sand between the toes." Beach day again, with the whole family!

2. Today’s cooperative reading of Jamberry, by Bruce Degen

3. A belated Valentine’s gift