Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rams Do It, Cats Do It, Giraffes Just for Laughs Do It...

Last week Newsweek published an incendiary feature editorial on the Biblical arguments supporting same-sex marriage. While the article is not as acerbic as Alex Frantz's ironic list of additional Biblical Constitutional amendments (which I blogged about here), it was still nice to see a major magazine take the Religious Right to task for cherry-picking which bits of Bronze Age mysticism are still relevant in the modern world. Along those lines, for a far more detailed study of the Biblical stance on homosexuality, check out this aggregation of entries from the Church Discipline blog. (A particular eye-opener is the July 28, 2008 entry, which includes this quite explicit National Geographic video on homosexuality among animals. Seriously, folks, once you've witnessed one dolphin giving his buddy a blow-hole job, your notion of what is and is not "natural" will be forever altered.)


Thanks go out to cs10, who just notified me that I have been using "November" in all of my December word count entries. (Before she was a kill-bot, she was an editron. In her presence, one does not fuck-up the English language... er, I meant "In her presence, the English language is a thing up with which one does not fuck.")

It's all fixed now, love! Thanks for the tip. You can retract the laser scalpel. Never mind the retina... I've got another one.

Today's writing totals:
Blog: 123 words
Novel: 404 words (character outline)
DAILY TOTAL: 527 words

DECEMBER RUNNING TOTAL: 9,577/15,500 words

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Again Too Busy for the Blogging and the What-Not

Been too busy to blog. Things I'm doing:
  • Writing. (See the word count. I am, if not the man, then at least a man.)
  • Hanging out with writers.
  • Preparing for a big ol' Christmas road trip of doom.
Somehow I inadvertently swapped my previous daily exercise habit for my current daily writing habit. That is not a good thing. I am now trying to do both in the morning. That basically means that I get up reasonably early, but I don't get to work until 10 AM. It is at these moments that I am grateful for my 12 years of higher education and my job. When you're the lone scientist in a small company, nobody cares what kind of hours you work.

Oh, and I resurrected two dead people. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to kill them again, though. (That may or may not be work related. I leave it to your imagination.)

Today's writing totals:
Blog: 113 words
Novel: 517 words (character outline)
DAILY TOTAL: 630 words

DECEMBER RUNNING TOTAL: 9,050/15,500 words