Sunday, May 3, 2009

Always a Groomsman...

Just got back from the Skulls in the Stars / Two Bad Kitties wedding. (What will they call the children? I vote for "Skull Kittens.") Above is a photo snapped by Critter. Here's a tip in these tough financial times, folks: if your groomsman happens to be gay, it's like getting an extra bridesmaid... er... bridesman... free! As a groomsman, I corralled missing family members to the photo session, but as bridesman, I made sure that the bride's bustle made her butt look good. See, two essential services for the price of one. (Plus a rental tuxedo is waaay cheaper than a bridesmaid gown.)

And for those living in New York state, if you would like to ever see Critter and I legally tie the knot (it's only been 1.5 decades...), then please consider contacting your state legislator and senator and asking them to vote in support of the marriage equity bill that should be moving toward a vote this week!!!