Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodnight, Blog

I'm closing the blog again. Two reasons.

First, I  created this blog to let people know that I was okay when I was writing something obsessively, but frankly, I haven't been writing obsessively, and besides there are better tools to do that now anyway. (So, yeah, I'm on FaceBook. I've had an account in heavy stealth-mode for a few months while I tested the defensive shields. I've decided I can live with it, so the account is out of dry-dock. If you know my gmail address, then go ahead and "friend" me.)

The other reason I'm closing the blog is because I don't like the type of writing I do here. It's just an extension of my type-A public persona, and I'm working on digging a bit deeper. That's really hard, and it's not something I can do online.

This isn't really goodbye, as I'm sure I'll see almost everyone on FaceBook, but I do appreciate the support over the years, especially during my NaNoWriMo fits.

The Girl Who Rides Bulls
in the splintered bleachers
of the Kahoka rodeo
to watch her daughter—
the champion barrel-racer—
my grandmother hears
my mother’s name 
instead announced
as a bull rider.

in a flooded ravine
a man not yet my father
kicks the passenger door
of his inverted car
and shouts Stop faking!
at my mother
and her shattered pelvis.

in the bedroom
of the farmhouse
of her birth
my mother 
holds her belly
and her tongue
as her father declares
he don’t want no bastard
calling him Grampa.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Auto Tune

Today I need to be grateful... so:

  1. The head gasket leak in my car should be covered under the warranty from having this same repair done last year.
  2. I brought my car in for its 90,000 mile checkup before the warranty ran out.
  3. I have retired friends who can shuttle me around town during the day.
  4. I made a habit of saving up money each month to keep my car running.