Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gratitude, Days Twelve

(*) Brad thought there were too many different animation styles, but I thought it fit perfectly with the "scrap book" nature of the film. I loved that, although the film is clearly computer animated, any given frame looks like it was hand-painted or hand-drawn. The animated water-colors particularly impressed me.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gratitude, Days Seven through Eleven

Been traveling, so here's the backlog...

Day Seven (Saturday)

  • Subaru all-wheel drive
  • Dogs who sleep in the car, Part I
  • Animal fables
Day Eight (Sunday)
  • The niece who still loves math at the age of 16
  • The niece who has had straight A's since kindergarten
  • The niece who still uses the art easel we bought her when she was 8
  • The niece who, despite being in preschool, can operate an iPad better than anyone else in the family
Day Nine (Monday)
Day Ten (Tuesday)
  • Dawn through ice-enameled tree branches
  • Dogs who sleep in the car, Part II
  • Leftover lasagna and cheap red wine
Day Eleven (Wednesday)
  • Working when I want
  • Wanting to work
  • Time enough to share Brad's hobbies (in moderation)
In other news, Brad and I started writing a story together. This is actually our first attempt at writing together, despite fifteen years of living together. The working title is "Questions about Angels," on account of I'm reading Billy Collins poetry right now.