Sunday, April 25, 2010

For the Record

It's a dangerous thing to call a particular band your "favorite." For one thing, it's reminiscent of the delicate absurdities of childhood best-friendships (and to this day I still wince a bit when I remember the day Derek Mac informed me that I had been down-graded to second-best-friend.) More importantly, though, in a world full of so much damn fine music, I really have to question the intellectual breadth and depth of a person who can pick out one particular group of people as "the best."

And all that being said, there's still just one band that I have driven thousands of miles on multiple occasions to see live: Over the Rhine. If that means I'm playing favorites... well, so be it.

And the reason I bring this up is that on April 23 Linford announced that he and Karin are preparing to record a new studio album. They've concocted a number of clever ways to raise money for this, and I encourage folks to check out their "Let's Make a Record" website. I for one have already bought a ticket for the June 26th reunion of the original band as they perform their album Good Dog, Bad Dog straight through. (I'm traveling alone since The Critter has rehearsals. Wanna meet me in Cincinnati?) We will almost certainly be attending the special events planned for December.