Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What the Cookie Said, iii

Yesterday's fortune cookie, just before going to the show:

They will be grateful that you cared enough to make it.

And they were!


Do you see how close I am to 14,000 words this month?! Do you see that over half of that is actual work on the actual novel?! I am just busting with pride. Mind you, "pride" is one of the seven deadly sins. Then again, if pride is this much fun and correlates to this much productivity, I am definitely going to check out the other six.

Night of Good Music

Went to the Bug Jar tonight with friends. The primary reason was to see my friend Gregory Paul perform, but an added treat tonight was Blitzen Trapper. I adore their song "Furr" (which I first heard via the KEXP "Song of the Day" podcast). I have embedded a video below.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Notes on Notes on Camp

I saw a fantastic one act play this past weekend. It is called "Leni Riefenstahl vs. the Twentieth Century", and it just debuted at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's Rhubarb Festival (a Toronto fringe theater festival). In the play Susan Sontag and Leni Riefenstahl discuss politics, cinema, and body fascism while playing chess in Purgatory. The show is punctuated by perfectly executed cabaret musical numbers performed by a four-part male chorus. Following the climax of the show, Susan Sontag plays electric guitar while singing a song based on "Notes on 'Camp'". It's the most brilliant thing I've seen in years...

Here's the blurb for the piece, which really doesn't do it justice:

9:45pm, The Chamber
An Ecce Homo Production
Written and Directed by Alistair Newton
Performed by Kaitlyn Regehr, Evalyn Parry, Noah Henne, Bryce Kulak, Chy Ryan Spain and Matthew Eger
Nazi propagandist and cinematic genius Leni Riefenstahl takes on superstar New York intellectual Susan Sontag in an ideological battle of the wills. It's fascinating fascism vs cultural camp as Ecce Homo looks cock-eyed into the icy stare of the fascist aesthetic; an expressionist cabaret on big themes for troubled times.


I've been fighting this gnawing self-doubt about spending so much time writing a novel that might just turn out to be complete crap. I realized, though, that the amazing power of being the author is that I can actually jump ahead and peek at the ending. I just have to write it first. If it actually is crap, then I have a legitimate reason to quite all this nonsense.

So that's what I've been doing the past week... writing the end of the novel. Funny thing, though... so far it's not crap... or at least not complete crap.

So there. That's my writing advice for the day. Take it for what it's worth.