Sunday, January 11, 2009

Other people's stuff

I'm still pounding away at grant proposals (...and miles to go before I sleep...), so I will do what all the other bloggers do when they don't have time to write original content. Link, link, link!

Here's an article in Locus by Cory Doctorow on "Writing in the Age of Distraction." (h/t to Pen on Fire) I particularly love that he recommends using a no-frills text editor like vi or Emacs. (I know at least two readers of this blog who will nod sagely in agreement.) For me, I'm still using Bean. I liked WriteRoom, but the $25 price was hard to swallow for such a stripped down product.

Donald Morgan has compiled a fascinating (and long!) list of Biblical inconsistencies. As an ex-Fundamentalist Baptist, I'm still stunned at how much of this stuff I just glossed over. (h/t to Church Discipline) Mr. Morgan has written a lot of other stuff critical of literal interpretations of the Bible, but for me the quintessential tool of Biblical exposé is not the pen—it's the Lego.

Today's writing totals:
Blog: 124 words
Novel: 604 words
DAILY TOTAL: 728 words

JANUARY RUNNING TOTAL: 3,269/15,500 words (Egad! 2,231 words behind my pace!)

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