Monday, November 24, 2008


In response to a posting on Elevate the Ordinary, I wanted to write a heady intellectual treatise on my views of the difference between belief and faith. Unfortunately it's about two hours past my bedtime. I've put it in the queue, though. Perhaps it'll show up on another evening, when the novel isn't moving.

Instead, here's a link to Bean, my favorite "light" word processor for the Mac. It's free, easy to use, and remarkably full-featured.

Today's writing totals:
Novel: 985 words
Blog: 73 words
DAILY TOTAL: 1,058 words

NOVEMBER RUNNING TOTAL: 9,978/15,000 words


Ben Collins-Sussman said...

My favorite OSX word processor is called "WriteRoom"... check it out. Its distinguishing feature is that it fills the ENTIRE screen with itself, so that you can't see your email, your IM, not even mac menu bar or clock. The goal is completely distraction-free writing. :-)

Bittersweet Sage said...

I'll give it a try! Thanks!

Brad Green said...

I've ended up just using Google Docs for all the draft work because it eliminates having to sync files between my laptop and computer, but all the final submission drafts have to be done in Word to get the running headers and geegaws like that. Bean looks cool, though.

I'm looking forward to your treatise.

Bittersweet Sage said...

To BG: Well you've made BC-S's day. Ben's a super-famous programmer, and he just happens to work for Google. Incidentally, we use Google Docs at my office, and it is an amazing way to collaborate on documents. Like you said, the last stage is to migrate to Word to tweak the sectioning. We also do the final layout in Apple's Pages, because it handles graphics so nicely.

To Ben: WriteRoom is awesome! When I lock myself in, I typically write 1500 words per hour. Without it, I've been known to spend 2 hours "writing" and only squeak out 300 words. Thanks!