Sunday, November 23, 2008

Overdone Is Still Done

I tend to overdo things. Today's objective was to write a five-sentence plot summary of the novel I'm rewriting, but instead I wrote a 900 word summary. The writers out that will recognize that writing 900 words when 60 should do is not exactly commendable. That being said, it sure feels good to see the sprawling 50,000+ words of my first draft re-envisioned with some coherence within two pages.

For those keeping score, I have now completed steps (1) and (4) of the Snowflake Method, while skipping (2) and (3).

Normally I am so very good about following rules.

Today's writing totals:
Novel: 854 words
Blog: 98 words
DAILY TOTAL: 1,052 words

NOVEMBER RUNNING TOTAL: 8,724/15,000 words

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