Friday, November 28, 2008

The Beauty of Frankenstein

Today's enormous word count may be considered a bit of a cheat, but it's a productivity trick I figured out during graduate school. What I did was gather all of the plot and character summaries that I have already written and then cut-and-pasted them into a text-heavy outline. I call these things my "Frankenstein" drafts, because they are a monstrous hodge-podge of text from different sources. Technically I wrote almost no new stuff, BUT by taking all of the stuff that I have written and pulling it together in one spot, I get a very rewarding view of how much work I have actually done. Furthermore, when I already know that the draft is ugly, I feel no qualms about visciously editing.

Today's writing totals:
Novel: 1,752 words
Blog: 126 words
DAILY TOTAL: 1,878 words

NOVEMBER RUNNING TOTAL: 12,804/15,000 words

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