Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Well, yesterday marked a full 31 days of documenting reasons-to-be-cheerful. I have a more positive outlook than I did last month, and I'm willing to attribute that at least partly to making a daily habit of focusing on things for which I am grateful (... and not having to sue my ex-employer... for which I am grateful). I intend to continue spurting out little bits of gratitude, but not as the focus of the blog. I'm really happy for all the participation from other people.

Shawn Achor (the author of The Happiness Advantage, from whom I lifted the "daily gratitude" exercise) has partnered with to create a free little iOS App for optimistic journaling called I Journal. For me it's a bit over-specialized, and I also find smart phones to be beastly for typing anything longer than a brief email, but other folks may find it useful.

Anyway... gratitude:

  • Leftover chipotle lime pasta
  • Brad's really amazing pureed mushroom concoction that used to be the filling in his really amazing stuffed mushrooms until we realized it was just fine on its own, at which point I started using it in all kinds of stuff including the sauce for the above chipotle lime pasta
  • No seriously, the mushroom stuff... it's amazing... kind of a vegetable pâté. It's good hot or cold.

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alyeska said...

My gratitude for today:
- Having great colleagues who do great work
- Having a particularly great colleague who I can enjoy going out to dinner with after a night when we worked online together until 2 a.m.
- In the middle of all that, having a great art teacher who is helping me see the world in a whole new way.
- The word verification of the moment: "flump"