Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Are YOU Doing Tomorrow Night?

I'm going to see a screening of Ed Wood's infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space with a live audio commentary by the RiffTrax guys (i.e. the folks responsible for Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Here's a clip of the "riffed" movie:

Dr. SkullStars: In the extremely unlikely event that you do not already know about this life-changing event, you can catch the simulcast in Charlotte at the Regal Stonecrest 22 theater.


skullsinthestars said...

It's "Dr. SkySkull", dammit! You gave me that nickname, I'm actually using it in correspondence now, and now you're going to change it? I don't think so!

Bittersweet Sage said...

That's my point! Where's the fun in giving someone a nickname that they actually enjoy?! If I'd known you were going to run with it I would have called you "Dr. StinkButt" or something.