Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Darlin' Coraline

I'm going to commit a cardinal sin and plug a movie I haven't seen. Please, please, please go see Coraline this weekend if you can. I am a huge fan of animation in general, and stop motion animation in particular. If this movie doesn't have a good opening, the small animation studio that made it will probably shut down. That would mean they would never tackle their next film—"a sweet comedy about a boy who communes with his dead grandmother and who must take on a small army of misguided zombies." Do you really want to live in a universe that didn't produce that magnum opus? (Thanks to Neil Gaiman for the article link.)

I spent awhile tonight talking to Nerkymarg, and she gently castigated me for not updating the blog daily. I guess I'll try to be more regular about that, although writing the blog is not as important to me as writing the novel. Still, it's great that people are checking in on me and my progress, and as that is the ostensible purpose of this blog, I'd better stick to it.

If you don't routinely check out the links on the left side of my blog, Brad Green wrote a superb essay entitled "Plucking a Wild Growth." Please check it out. BG has a flair for indelible imagery and metaphor, and I sometimes turn a mottled emerald when I read his stuff.

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