Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gratitude, Days Eighteen through Twenty-Two

Day Eighteen:

  • Getting my health insurance sorted out (with a lower co-pay!)
  • The crunchy sound of my lumbar vertebrae being popped back into alignment
Day Nineteen:
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Rediscovering that I am actually a morning person
  • Finally settling on a name for the new business
Day Twenty:
  • Friends with copious website experience
  • A continuous stream of meetings
  • Taking it easy on days when I am sick and depressed
Day Twenty-One:
Day Twenty-Two
  • Unexpected snow that means I don't have to clean up muddy paw prints first thing in the morning
  • Crawling back into a warm bed on a cold day
  • Cooking brunch in the new kitchen
  • Dinner plans with Nerkygrrl's Gramma

(*) OK, actually this is at least as discomforting as it is flattering, but I'm focusing on the flattering part.

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