Sunday, May 2, 2010

Managing GMail

I'd like to hear what methods and tools folks use to manage their GMail accounts. I just don't feel like I'm using it's potential. Out of habit I treat my GMail accounts just like any other IMAP accounts—I just let them feed into the mail reader on my computer because all of my email organization habits center around sorting things into folders. I don't use the web interface at all. That's totally backwards, I realize, as "kids these days" generally have their non-Google mail forwarded into GMail, where they can tag and sort everything. What frustrates me about the web-based interface is that GMail doesn't have a built-in way to manage multiple accounts (I have one for this blog, one for work, and a fairly new one for Google Voice), and Google's official advice is to log in/out of the different accounts... not particularly helpful. I know there are a few ways to work around this, and I would be interested to hear what people like best.


Anonymous said...

You are correct: you're completely missing the point. Give the web interface a serious chance, you will grok it I'm sure.

I wouldn't want to have to log in and out for multiple Gmail accounts either. But I don't need more than one anyway. My alternate email addresses are from other services, and they all forward to a single Gmail account.

When you send mail from Gmail's web interface, you can choose the sending address (among the ones you have registered). Could you use other addresses for two of the three, and forward them both to the One True Gmail?

Bittersweet Sage said...

Hi Bryce,

I think what you're recommending would solve the "multiple log in problem" nicely (and much better than Google's official advice. They should hire you.)

I'm also interested in knowing what practices people use for tagging and filing email. I have a hierarchical folder method on my computer, but I'd like to hear what people to do take best advantage of the "Googleness" of GMail.