Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Night of Good Music

Went to the Bug Jar tonight with friends. The primary reason was to see my friend Gregory Paul perform, but an added treat tonight was Blitzen Trapper. I adore their song "Furr" (which I first heard via the KEXP "Song of the Day" podcast). I have embedded a video below.


Anonymous said...

I was 23 in 1968. If I had heard this song and seen this video then, it would have fit perfectly into my world and that time. But that isn't the only reason I think this song is absofuckinglutely wonderful. It just is. If nothing else fine happens to me today, this did, and so thank you, Sage. Now I'm going to buy this.

Bittersweet Sage said...

Hi, Donigan!

I'm glad I could bring you one fine thing today. I think that might be the new goal for this blog... maybe not one fine thing for you personally, but one fine thing for somebody.

By the way, you probably would have liked the whole Blitzen Trapper show. It had a great late-60s-to-early-70s vibe, which was unsettling when I realized that the band members could not have been alive in the 70s.