Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mathematica: 88.18% off!

What do you get for the mathematician hobbyist who has everything except a  Mathematica license? How about a  Mathematica license?

Wolfram research has started selling a "Home Edition" of Mathematica for $295, which ain't pocket change, but it's a darn sight cheaper than the commercial retail price of $2495 (which is what we professional's pay). The thing is, the Home Edition is EXACTLY the same as the commercial version (with the exception of 64-bit functionality), not some watered down Mathematica-Lite. (I'm looking at Mathematica Player.)

Since I happen to know there is a strong correlation among my readers of math-geeks and music-geeks, here is something to make both hemispheres happy.


William Stein said...

Given the name of your blog ("Bittersweet Sage") you might also like Sage (, which is similar to Mathematica but the price is 100% off :-)

Bittersweet Sage said...

Thanks for stopping in, William. I will look into Sage.

By the way, I peaked at your Sage blog (which is quite nice), and you may be amused to know that abstract algebra, the field that drew you into becoming a mathematics major in college, is the very field that prompted me to run away! I completed all the requirements for a math degree, but abstract algebra was the class that convinced me that mathematics was not the career for me. Somewhat frustratingly, the University of Chicago insisted on calling the class "Basic Algebra." (They still do!) The upshot is that someone unfamiliar with the curriculum who reads my transcript may well wonder why I did so poorly in high school algebra... Grr...